Striking is a direct physical attack on an individual that involves the Mixed Martial Arts fighters trying to put the opponent down. This form of fight is designed to cause blunt trauma on an individual’s body. The forms of strike available are caused by either the hands or legs of a fighter. When considering strikes, a fist that is closed into a fist is called a punch and an attack from throwing the leg is called a kick. There is also an attack causes by the head which is called a headbutt.

When using the hand, an individual is able to give a punch to the opponent. A punch involves closing the fist and striking the opponent using the knuckles of the hand. Punches vary from straight lead, jab, vertical punch, and the backlist. A palm strike involves the use of the palm of the hand. This form of a strike is usually thrown in a relaxed manner. A knife hand on the other hand is a strike form that involves using the part of the hand that is opposite the thumb. Other forms of strikes using the hand include the spear hand and the hammer fist.

The use of the legs is also common in striking. One may use the foot, heel, shin,S or knee when kicking. There are different forms of a kick depending on the manner the legs were used in giving the kick. A front kick involves raising the knee to strike with the lower part of the foot. A side kick on the other hand involves delivering a kick sideways in relation to the positioning of the body. A knee strike is offered through the use of the knee in combat. The round house kick is commonly used in Mixed Martial Arts. It involves offering a kick in circular motion to offer a blow to the opponent.

Effective use of strike moves and learning to deliver these types of strikes is important for any Mixed Martial Arts fighter.


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